Sell broken iPhones for Cash: How to Maximize the Resale Price of Broken iPhones

Do you know that you can sell broken iPhones for cash? May be you think that just because your iPhones are cracked, they are worth nothing. Your iPhone is worth some value regardless of its condition and somebody can buy it. However, to maximize the resale value of your broken iPhones, there are things that you can do. Our iPhone resale experts share some of the most important tips that will enable you to get the most money from the sale of your broken iPhones. Some of these tips and advice might sound simple but they will have a significant impact on the resale price and you will get the best deal on your broken iPhones.

Consider selling to a reseller that buys broken iPhones

Not all iPhone resellers will buy broken iPhones. Some set conditions that must be met by the broken iPhones for you to use their service in selling them. However, there are iPhone resellers that will buy your broken iPhones regardless of their conditions. If you do not want to struggle to meet the condition set by the iPhone reseller, choose an iPhone reseller that buys all broken iPhones. This way, you are assured of selling your broken iPhone without much hassle. Nevertheless, there could be risks and costs that are associated with such resellers. Therefore, conduct some research first before you use such resellers in selling your broken iPhones.

Check the warranty of the iPhones

Maybe the iPhones that you want to sell are still covered by Apple warranty. This means that Apple can repair them free of charge. Therefore, look up Apple Warranty on Appleā€™s website. You will be required to enter the serial number of the hardware so that you can check the status of the warranty of every device. If the devices are still covered by Apple warranty, book an appointment with your local Apple store to have the devices repaired after which you can sell them.

Consider repairing the iPhones first

There are many online sites that provide guides on how to fix some iPhone problems. Fixing some of the problems of your iPhones can have a significant impact on the resale value of the iPhones. Therefore, if you think that some problems of the iPhones that you want to sell are possible to fix on your own, try to fix them. However, try to fix the problems of your iPhones only when sure that the guide that you are following will work. This because some attempts to repair the devices can damage them further and this will lower their resale prices.

Hire an iPhone repair service

If the devices are not covered by Apple warranty and you cannot fix their problems, then try hiring an iPhone repair service. You will pay for a fee but you can include the cost of repairing when you are doing iphone sale.

Basically, you can make money by selling broken iPhones. However, you can take the above measures to increase the resale price of your broken iPhones. Use our iPhone reseller service to sell broken iPhones for cash regardless of their condition.